Spinella RAW is ultimate simplicity in design and functionality without compromising the functional qualities of the original Spinella. Height adjustment of back support; forward seat tilting and floating tilt of back support. 

RAW 75 blaalig

Ultracomfortable support 
Like the original Spinella, Spinella RAW offers all the functions that give you ultracomfortable support without straining the body when sitting down long hours on end.

Two models appeal to different people
The difference compared to the original Spinella is that Spinella RAW only has one back support. That makes Spinella RAW ideal for people who have jobs where they alter frequently between sitting down, standing up and walking around during working hours – for people working in laboratories, medical clinics or schools.

79 colors
Spinella is available in 4 different fabrics. The soft and easy-to-clean Comfort quality offers 79 different colors. Read more

Danish design at its best
Spinella has been designed and produced in Denmark by the best materials.

Spinella RAW – A new way of thinking (pdf)
Spinella – when only the best will do (pdf)

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