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When only the best will do

Intelligent and attractive design. The design has been carefully thought through to the very last detail. First priority has been given to ergonomic qualities, but still the chair is a delight to the eye.

The functional, unequalled chair has been developed and designed by relaxation therapist Sanne Buhl.

The only 30 cm deep seat relieves the pressure on the back of the thighs’ nerves and blood vessels. The special gel in the seat evens out the pressure perfectly. The back cushions can be adjusted separately to ensure optimal support for the back. The big backward tilt and the small seat tilt offer a unique freedom of movement.

Design and function form a beautiful unity for eye and body. See more photos

79 colors
Spinella is available in 4 different fabrics. The soft and easy-to-clean Comfort quality offers 79 different colors. Read more

2 different heights
Spinella is available in 2 different heights: 42-58 cm and 50-69 cm.

Danish design at its best 

Spinella has been designed and produced in Denmark by the best materials.

Facts & figures about Spinella (pdf)
Spinella – when only the best will do (pdf)

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