Spinella has been designed by relaxation therapist Sanne Buhl. Over the years Sanne observed the working body when she set up and adjusted work places for employees who sit down most of the day at work. Her job was to give them the best and most appropriate working positions.

Sanne wondered over and again why so many people sat on the edge of the chair and why they did not use the back rest. And why did they not adjust it to their own back? But how can you keep moving your back while relieving it best possible so that it keeps you upright during the day?

Sanne not only wondered. She decided to design a chair based on the body’s need to be relieved and in motion – even if you sit down most of the day. That was how Spinella got its form and function – with a seat depth of only 30 cm because it takes off the pressure on nerves and blood vessels. With a lower oval back support that relieves the sacrum and an upper oval back support to be placed right below the tips of the shoulder blades.

The chair should have a big backward tilt because it gives the back and the spine more volume. And it should be possible to lock the tilt in different angles or leave it loose so that you can tilt back and forth and increase blood circulation. And a small tilt forward of the seat offers yet another possibility to change the position of the back.

The ultimate design
Spinella comes in three varieties. The original Spinella is for adults. Spinella Tweeny is for children and tweens who often sit at their computers for many hours a day. The latest addition to the Spinella series is Spinella Raw with only one back support. Spinella Raw appeals to people with jobs where they alter frequently between sitting down, walking around and standing. The exclusive Comfort fabric is available in 101colours, which makes it possible for you to create a unique Spinella. Or you may choose to put leather on the seat and back supports. Up to you.

sanne spinellaAbout the designer
Sanne started out as a relaxation therapist and has 35 years of ergonomic experience from working in a physiological clinique and in football clubs (sports injuries). Besides, Sanne has given treatment to ADHD-children and their parents. Sanne has taught ergonomics at the Social and Health Care College and for some years taught drama students how to express themselves by means of the body. For 25 years Sanne organized and assessed workplaces for major Danish companies and institutions.

About the company
Ergo Flex Project wants to create workplaces that give the body optimal working conditions. That is the vision of the company Sanne Buhl established in 2000.

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