New chair for tweens

tweeny two

Ergonomics keep the back in motion
Spinella Tweeny has been designed with the human body in focus and can be used by children from the age of 8 and up.

Tweeny keeps the sedentary body active. It is the chair that it is ok to tilt because it is good for you, and the chair that gives optimal support to the child's back during adolescence.

The perfect computer chair
Tweeny's dynamic function is essential when the child spends several hours sitting down.

And most children do sit down for long hours because there are so many interesting computer games and because more and more homework and communication take place via the computer. It is therefore more important than ever that you give your children the best possible conditions for sitting in an ergonomically ideal chair, when they play and work at the computer.

Intelligent and attractive design
The design is a true copy of the original Spinella for adults. Tweeny has the same activating gel in the narrow seat, and the two back cushions can be adjusted separately within a few centimeters and ensure optimal support as the child gets taller.

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